all I wanna do is be around you,
guess i gotta take my rounds, too.
guess i’d rather make my rounds,
who really matters when you around?
nothing matters when i’m beside you,
love what happens when you high too,
i gotta go but you can ride too,
i know that i drive too wild
let me paint a picture for this
picture perfect moment we outlived in a seconds notice
in this vivid dream that i didn’t think i’d ever meet you,
than that dream became reality
set the scene, i knew eventually we would see different pictures of the bigger image,
somewhat of a self portrait meant for the both of us for that short moment in time, but than the phone rang.

don’t leave, i don’t need to make my run she said why would you leave me here at my door?
why would you leave me here all alone?
on a night that i would need you most
we’ve said and an hour after i’d write too long
is hour after i’ve been high too long
an hour after this rides too long
is an hour after i should have called

all i want to do is see how you do
still i’ll leave to make my rounds here soon
guess i better take a shot down too,
looking like it’s all i got now too
no one who i truly confide in,
meant something when you would ride with
thought you was out of my league,
always was and still there you’ve been
maybe i need a little motivation
but you know me i can’t stay still
go whenever the phone rang,
i keep it in rotation
there i go doing a little too much,
you make me much better i swear i’ll try much more for you
and there you was
saying you can save me from wherever i’m going to

don’t leave i don’t need to make my run she said
how could you leave me here at my door
she said you wouldn’t leave me here all alone
swear that this is the night that i would need you most
i told her an hour after i write too long
is an hour after i’ve been high too long
you’re all i ever think of
yet you would think i’d call

you know i don’t really want to go,
if i knew i would’ve never left you, don’t think i’d ever get to.


from Are No Stars After All, released February 2, 2020


all rights reserved



🌹Marvin Mayo Fairbanks, Alaska

Marvin Mayo is an Athabascan/Inupiaq artist from Fairbanks, Alaska.

With music influences such as Andre 3000, J.Cole, and MF Doom (and many more).

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